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Lead To Asia Localization & Translation Co., Ltd is a professional translation and localization company based in Hong Kong. We are highly specialized in Asian languages such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese and more.

Multimedia localization

Multimedia promotional materials are widely applied in conferences, trade shows, presentations and training programs. Animation, flash movies and video clips are proven to be more effective and acceptable to audiences when compared to texts. In order to deliver a more engaging message to the target audience, more and more companies request the original multimedia materials to be localized.

We offer a variety of multimedia solutions, including audio and visual clips, utilizing professional tools such as Pro Tools 24, Pro Tools 5,Yamaha O2R and Sonic solutions USP.

-- Voice-overs

-- Audio, video post-production

-- Subtitle translation and production

-- Dubbing

-- AV presentations

-- Telephone and other types of computer voice prompt system

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